Association for Tree-ring Research

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Welcome to the website of our Association for Tree-Ring Research. We hope you will find many topics of interest here and also answers to your questions on dendrochronology or discover suggestions for solving problems you may have in this field. This website will hopefully provide you with valuable contacts and information on this very exciting subject.



The scope of the Association of Tree-Ring Research is very diverse. It is in particular aimed at the numerous small research groups and individual scientists working in Europe who often do not have detailed knowledge of what is going on elsewhere, but also, of course, it aims to provide information for everybody interested in this field. We, thus, hope to create a lively platform for all of you.


On this website we intend to provide you with ample information on the field of dendrochronology and to create a forum for notifications concerning scientific congresses, training courses, in particular laboratory courses, as well as to inform you about situations vacant. Not to mention our intention of providing you with the opportunity of using ATR as a 'periodical' for detailed discussions and establishing contacts with representatives and specialists in the field of tree-ring research. Our main efforts will focus on the following points:

  • Offers of educational opportunities for students and young scientists (such as field and/or laboratory weeks, possibly training courses for wood anatomy, the application of stable isotopes in dendrochronology, lectures on special topics, excursions, etc.), and providing, if possible, scholarships for particular training courses.

  • Support for the establishment and coordination of regional databases.

  • Informing the public about

    • dendrochonological projects

    • problems which can possibly be tackled or addressed by dendrology

    • exciting news in the field

    • topics which are currently a matter of controversy, etc.

    • Support for research projects and research groups by advice, if possible also by expert opinions and lobbying .