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General information


As announced in ATR newsletter Vol. 12 (Feb. 2014), ATR offered annual awards for outstanding thesis (Diploma-, Master- ,and PhD-thesis) in the different fields of Dendrosciences since 2006. With this award ATR intended to stimulate and to promote young researchers in European Dendrosiences. Although continuously promoting this award, the number of applications clearly decreased in the last years. As a result we finally only had one proposal each year, which does not allow a real competition. We regret that this instrument of promoting young researchers was not as strongly inquired as expected. Instead, the board of the ATR decided to strengthen the

  • Best oral presentation, and
  • Best poster presentation

both advertised in the frame of the TRACE conferences.


How to participate

Present your work at TRACE conference!



see TRACE conference abstract submissions.



to be announced.


Former awardees


Year                                          Awardee
2013 Mandy Freund/Barbara Czajka
2012 Nicole Wabersky/Franziska Slotta
2011 Susanne Spannl
2010 Daniele Castagneri
2009 not appointed
2008 Sonia Simard
2007 Vladimir Gryc
2006 Anny Weidner
2005 Anne Verstege
2004 Britta Eilmann/Pascale Weber



Year                                          Awardee
2013 Peter van der Sleen
2012 Claudia Hartl-Meier
2011 Karina Hennig
2010 Ewa Zin
2009 Elisabeth Robert & Flurin Babst
2008 Flurin Babst



Year                    Awardee
2011 Bettina Wagner
2010 Britta Eilmann
2009 not appointed
2008 Niels Bleicher
2007 Matthias Schaub
2006 David Frank



Year                       Awardee
2011 Cathrin Meinardus
2010 Karina Hennig