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Guidelines for granting financial support by the ATR

(updated 09/2016)


At the request of PhD and MSc students the ATR may grant a financial support for the participation in TRACE-conferences or field- / laboratory weeks. The financial support is to be seen as aid to help cover fees or travel expenses. The maximum amount of financial support will be granted based on the annual financial situation of the association. The amount will be decided annually by the board members (currently 150.-€). The ATR board will decide to whom support will be granted, and if necessary an external expert will be involved.

The request-form is to be directed to the president of the ATR considering the following articles:

1. The request form and the recommendation letter have to be sent 6 weeks before the beginning of the event.

2. As a general rule, the support can only be granted once per year to the same person.

3. There is no legal obligation for the ATR to grant any request.

4. Requests for TRACE-conference support require active participation (oral or poster presentation) of the applicant.

5. where applicants are equally ranked, priority is given to ATR members and/or applicants which did not receive an ATR grant before.

6. if granted, the amount will be transferred when an acceptance of participation is presented, in case of cancellation or a later non-acceptance of participation (for what reason ever) the bursary has to be repaid.

7. only one grant per institution will be given for the same event

8. applicants who will receive an ATR grant are kindly asked to provide us with a short report for the ATR webpage/newsletter.

The applicants will be informed about the decision of the board 4 weeks before the beginning of the respective event.


To apply for financial support please fill out the interactive form available via dropdown under Funding\Funding form.