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TRACE Vol. 12 (2014)

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Billamboz A.: Dendrotypology as a key approach of former woodland and settlement developments. Examples from the prehistoric pile dwellings on Lake Constance (Germany) 06
Fraiture P.: The "Master of Elsloo": An anonymous Production of Sculptures documented by Dendrochronology 12
Ravotto A.: Starting points for dendroarchaeology in Catalonia 23
Sadori L. & A. Masi: Archaeological woody plant remains as indicators of human selection and environmental changes 32



Cuenca J., Schneider L., Konter O., Düthorn E., Esper J. & D. Patón: Dendrochronolgical comparison of Castanea sativa Mill. and Quercus pyrenaica Willd. in southwest Spain 40
Czajka B. & R.J. Kaczka: Stability of natural and modified timberline at Babia Gora Mt., Carpathians 46
Dorado-Liñán I., Zorita E., González-Rouco J.F., Andreu-Hayles L., Muntán E., Campello F., Heinrich I. & E. Gutiérrez: The signature of natural and anthropogenic climate drivers in treerings from the south of the Iberian Peninsula 54
Düthorn E., Lindén J., Timonen M., Gläser S. & J. Esper: Heterogenous climate signal in Pinus sylvestris tree-ring chronologies from southern Finland 60
Magnuszewski M.: Comparison of the influence of climate on tree-ring growth on different spruce species growing in different environmental conditions 68
Schneider L., Smerdon J., Büntgen U., Myglan V.S. & J. Esper: Timing and duration of post-volcanic Northern Hemisphere cooling revealed from tree-ring records of maximum latewood density 73
Timofeeva G., Frank D., Wiles G. & K. Treydte: Do oxygen isotopes in tree rings from coastal Alaska record atmospheric circulation patterns? 80



Alfaro R.I., Hawkes B. & J. Axelson: Using dendrochronolgy to characterize forest disturbance by mountain pine beetle 90
Kaczka R.J., Czajka B., Wy?ga B., Wróblewska A. & P. Miku?: Hydroclimatic effects on the condition of grey alder (ALnus incana L. Moench) and European larch (Larix decidua L. Mill) growing in the riparian forest of an incised mountain river 96
Lo Monaco A., Caputo F., Calienno L., Balletti F. & R. Picchio: Growth effects of thinning operation in an umbrella pine (Pinus pinea L.) stand in central Italy 102
Malik I., Polowy M., Krzemie? K., Wistuba M., Gorczyca E., Papciak T., Wro?ska-Wa?ach D., Abramowicz A., Sobucki M & T. Zielonka: Possibility to distinguish tree-ring reductions caused by landsliding and by air pollution (example from Western Carpathians) 109


Bräuning A., Krepkowski J., Hiltner U. & A. Gebrekirstos: Annual growth ring formation and growth rates of different tree functional types in a tropical mountain forest in Ethiopia 116
Gebrekirstos A., Beedy T., Sileshi G.W. & H. Neufeldt: Do we expect formation of growth rings on species with reverse phenology? 121
Prislan P., ?ufar K., Gri?ar J., De Luis M., Koch G. & U. Schmitt: Wood and phloem formation in beech (Fagus sylvatica) 126
Wistuba M., Chochó? K., Malik I., Micha?owicz P., Pilorz W. & P. Kojs: Vertical variablility of tree-ring eccentricity in stems of Scots pine trees (Pinus sylvestris L.) 131


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